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Salty little Sliders are the free spirits that would rather be salty from surfing, tide pooling, and swimming in the sea.

On land, they are on the move skateboarding, biking, exploring, running, jumping, climbing.

They are always smiling and always laughing.

They are the free spirits that we used to be.

Whether you live near the sea or not, we all know a Salty Little Slider. They are the stoked-out, free-spirited adventurers that would rather be outside than in. They are the kind-hearted kids who prove to all those around them that anything is possible. They are our reminder to lighten up, laugh, and have fun.

Our goal in the creation of the Salty Little Sliders brand and book is to inspire kids to get outside and enjoy all that our natural world provides. To support and respect all beings living on land and in the sea. To ask questions, gain knowledge, and to never stop exploring.

We have some exciting things planned for you and our brand. A book. A clothing line that will grow into your go to brand. A bedding collection. A surf movie perhaps? A store near you?

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The ADVENTURE begins...

Like most ideas, they start with a question. The book started with this question asked to my artist friend Dave, "Dave do you think you could draw me a little boy and girl surfing"? A week or so later Dave shows up with some drawings. After reviewing, I looked at Dave and said, "We have to make a book." Early 2017 our journey, partnership, brand, and story began.

Our book, The Adventures of The Salty Little Sliders is in the works. It's a collaboration between artist Dave Gardner and Salty Little Slider creative director and founder Stacy Forrester.

Our story follows four friends, Sunny, Moon, Finn, and Koa on a day filled with adventures on land and in the sea. From surfing to snorkeling, skateboarding to lunching with friends. Our book is about sharing joy and stoke with those around you and the importance of supporting one another with kindness and respect.


Under the SEA.
We will Be.


"Respect to life, in shapes, forms, and places"

the Sliders // Sunny, Moon, Finn, Koa -

little Sliders with BIG plans

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